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I met my girlfriend a little over 2 years ago and she had a Mirena implant done before I met her to control her heavy periods. The sex was great and and it had been about 8 months into the relationship when at that time it was time to come out. Since I already had a vasectomy, she figured she would leave it out and see what happened. Her libido took a dive and she totally went the other way. She still had interest, but she suddenly had a hard time having orgasms and or initiating sex. It's wasn't fun for her and drove her crazy. After a while she revisited her gyno and told her about the changes. Apparently some women (very few of them) have the reverse effect she was one of them. So after 5 months of not having one, she had a new one placed and our sex life is now back to normal. (Praise the lord) She can once again orgasm multiple times and doesn't have to worry about periods.

Hormones are a funny thing and sometimes, just work the opposite way. We can say we are one of the luck fes couples that have had s positive change.

Wish you all the best and a great sex life!

M&K in Arizona

May 30, 2017 - 12:40am


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