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Thank you all SO much for sharing your stories!!! I have had the Mirena in for almost 5 years and the last three years it has truly began ruining my relationship! Every single thing all of you have mentioned, the not wanting sex, having no sex drive, not ever feeling turned on and almost repulsed by the sight of my partner.... those are all things I have been feeling for over 3 years now!! A big part of me felt like it might have been the Mirena but we got pregnant with our daughter while on birth control pills so I have an exceptionally high fear of getting pregnant while on birth control which is why I chose the Mirena in the first place & its geld me back from removing it. It has given me such a peace of mind not having to worry about an unplanned pregnancy but at the same time it has destroyed ALL of my sex drive to the point my 7yr relationship is hanging by a thread! On top of it I spot for about three weeks out of the month & I never stopped having periods which is another big thing I was hoping for. When I do have periods they're short about 3 days but so heavy and for a good two weeks out of the month I am discharging old somewgat dried black blood (sorry if TMI).... I am absolutely making an appointment today to get this thing taken out and in the meantime will do research as to what kind of birth control to replace it with! Thabks again for sharing! So glad to know im not alone....or just crazy lol

June 5, 2017 - 6:24am


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