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I got the copper iud 6 years ago after I had my son. I didn't notice the sex drive problems like 2 years later. When my husband would touch me I would act like I don't want him too. I didn't had no sex interest at all always on defense mode and that becomes and issue where I start planning my sex when it should be normal or drinking to see if anything would happen but nothing happened no sex drive at all excessive facial hair grow. heavy periods every other month. My period come six times for the year and when it do comes it's really heavy with cramps feel dizzy nausea. I got to the point where I sleep in the other room to avoid sex. If I knew this was the side effects I would have taken the 50/50 chance of getting pregnant then to get this coppers iud. So I did research and watch some YouTube video where I see people complain about the same side effects so today I decided to take my iud out myself. took me 2 hours but I needed this foreign object To get the hell out of me I'm 34 years old my sex drive should be out the roof the cats outside my building get more action then me

September 11, 2017 - 9:20pm


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