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My wife removed Mirena today and I very much hope that at least some of the issues we faced in the 6 yrs (her 2nd) with Mirena were due to this.
The first Mirena came shortly after the birth of our 3rd child. At the time her sister got cancer, we had a 3rd baby, thereafter moved to another house... many potential reasons for her mood-swings, for her screaming at the kids for stuff that actually didn't matter anyway. Her feeling eternally tired and so on. She went to the psychiatrist (2 different ones) had an (in)-complete (no hormone levels check) check-up with the doctor and was prescribe anti-depressants. She was able to stabilize herself (got a tad esoteric in the meantime too) which was good and seemed to confirm that the stress she had was the reason. None of the doctors she saw asked about hormonal BC.
While she was able to stabilize herself the relationship did suffer. She used to have a high sex-drive. We still have sex, but it does not really feel like she'd need it. I miss the hunger she had for me earlier, I miss to feel needed in that department and we were indeed starting talks about opening our relationship due to this (I want her, but I would also like to feel desired)
Accidentally read a comment about Mirena killing someones sex drive online and started to research. What we saw feeded the suspicion that maybe, some of the issues we had in the last six years was not just due to little kids and stuff, but may have been influenced by hormones.
Now we will see how it evolves.
We love each other dearly, but I'm steadily reaching a point where I was no longer ready to live in a relationship that lacked desire. As I said, we still have great sex. Once it happens it was still great, but it only happened on my initiative and then I always had the feeling that it was more of a, how to say, unnecessary act of kindness from her part even though she was still able to climax.
Started to doubt the relationship, her, myself in various aspects (am I crazy by just imagining this all, is my drive unhealthy, does she still want to be with me or is she with me because it's more comfy than the alternative).
Now we will see how much this was influenced by Mirena.

August 24, 2018 - 3:08am


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