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Hi all marina casualties... because I really feel like I was a casualty from this I’ve had three coils for varying lengths removed due to thread problems first time,second due to wanting a baby again and then finally this last one which I had for five years :/ it was about the last two years I really got ill from it but anxiety and depression with all 3 coils .Then this last one headaches terrible ones that made me unable to think even to do the shopping was a massive task tiredness foggy head Sinus problems Suicidal thoughts the list goes on .. libido slowly going away until I felt nothing ! I could have been a nun ! I had it removed last week with nurse 2 who finally managed to retrieve it :/ my main question is how are you all now or your partner did removing help ?how long did it take For the problems to resolve ... I’m just hoping it was the coil and I can be a normal functioning woman again and feel human .Thankyou for this thread it gave me much insight that it probably was the coil and the nurse just blarsay said well it says it can in your booklet and so I hope for the future as I was starting to lose hope and felt completely broken

December 15, 2019 - 10:23am


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