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My partner has the Mirena fitted, and has so for the past 18months. I had noticed a change in her after a few months, More moody, irritable etc. which I put down to her period. Our sex life was great tbh, but it gradually dwindled away. I had spoke to my partner about it as felt we were neglecting it, and for us both to try and make time. This only got worse, and she has also started feeling depressed. It got to a head when she said she didn't know or understand how, but felt our relationship had run it's course. We have kids together, so i wasn't for giving up without a fight. After scouring the internet i have realised that alot of how she is feeling is down to the mirena. or a hormone imbalance caused by this. But it's not just the sex( i could explode atm), it's loss of intimacy, cuddling, kissing thats difficult. We have spoke and as we don't want any more kids, i think i'm for the 'snip'.

June 13, 2010 - 3:10am


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