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I had my mirena inserted March 2010 due to extremely heavy periods x 1 year following the birth of my daughter. My libido is at its peak maybe once a month. MAYBE!! Also this past month my period started at the end of June and I've been spotting everyday since. It's been a month straight of spotting. When the Mirena was inserted, the 1st two months were "normal" cycles and not as heavy, but this daily spotting is annoying. I read some of the comments in this forum, and I wonder if stress, lack of sleep and exhaustion are part of the problem too! I work p/t as a RN and I have 5 children aged 21 months to 15yrs old..
So... I am contemplating having the Mirena removed too. Although that may mean the return of heavy periods, at least I felt like having sex.

July 25, 2010 - 7:46am


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