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I too have this problem. I went to my OB and she said she thinks it is because I'm stressed and tired. I have 5 children. I recently came to have 5. I was a single mother of 1 for 13 yrs, then I met a man who had 3 children and together we had 1. So I'm a busy mom of 5 and I work p/t. I"m tired alot and finding this blog really solidifes my anxiety about my low near non existent sex drive. I used to have sex frequently but now, I could go for weeks and not worry about it.
Its causing strain on the relationship. I had the Mirena put in this past March. Ithought, "great .. no period!!"... Not so great.. I am going to see my OB in a couple of weeks and asking her to remove it. She sent me to have my hormone levels checked, but I think it was to placate me. (I'm 39) . I will deal with heavy periods if it means that my sex drive will be "up and at 'em" sort to speak.
Did you ever get the Mirena removed??

September 5, 2010 - 7:10pm


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