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My libido disappeared as soon as I had the Mirena inserted (to mitigate very heavy periods - some lasting weeks!). I asked the doctor who inserted it - she specializes in women's health - and she had no information that the IUD would in any way be associated with it but all these comments make me think there must be a correlation - especially given the swift and complete change in libido with the Mirena being the only new factor. However, I was entering menopause and thought that might be the problem. I ended up on major hormone replacement - which hasn't helped my libido at all. Had the Mirena removed after menopause but only a very slight improvement in libido. I may be 50 but I feel too young to say farewell to a sex life! I never had this problem when I was on the Pill so to the young women out there who need contraception, I would suggest asking your doctor about the Pill. They have very low dosage contraceptives now. To anyone taking this just not to have the inconvenience of otherwise normal periods - give your heads a shake! To married women, consider discussing with your husband the option of a vasectomy. My husband found it a safe and painless procedure. I'm still searching for answers so would love to hear from women my age who are in or have been in the same predicament. I keep hearing "use it or lose it!" so perhaps a vibrator is the next step!

December 14, 2010 - 11:19am


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