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I am starting the last year of my IUD and was seriously considering getting another one. BUT, My sex drive has been non existent for some time now.
I never really put it together that it could be my IUD until I was talking to my sister one night (she has had her IUD for 3yrs) about how sex is the only thing that we argue about with our fiances. We both have the SAME EXACT symptoms and feelings about sex. We were both thrown off because of how similar our situations were.
It is very frustrating because I want to have sex, I think about it but I have no sex drive what so ever. Then, when I do have sex I can only enjoy it for a short time before I just want to stop.
I love my IUD and really do not want to have it taken out....Does anyone have a solution to boost your sex drive other than to have it taken out?

January 16, 2011 - 7:18pm


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