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I can totally relate. Just went to the OB today and told them I've always had a high sex drive and rather happy person all together, things didn't bother me easily. My husband and I have only been married 2 months and I have no sex drive at all and barely want him to touch me. We dated a few years ago and I had a huge sex drive, he loves me so he puts up with it but I know its the IUD. We even fight easier and I cry all the time and this isn't me. I can only relate it to the IUD as no other major changes in my life, we lived togethe ra year before marriage so that was no shock. I was bothered when I asked the doc if it could be the IUD and she instantly replied absolutely not. She said the hormone is so minimal in the IUD it is not systemic so wouldn't cause mood swings. Seems to me MD's can't think outside of the box. I'm glada while ago my husband agreed to letting a midwife deliver any children we may have. It seems very plausible that a foreign object in your body could change how your body reacts, but doctors say what they want sometimes without the facts and this board seems to make it quite clear that many women suffer from these symptoms. Its a shame doctors like to discredit your symptoms or just offer to give you hormones or another drug to fix it.

August 30, 2011 - 2:25pm


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