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I noticed a decrease in sex drive almost immediately after having my mirena implanted about two years ago... however it was after losing a pregnancy so I thought that the lack of libido might be attributed to that. Before the mirena I loved being intimate, and now at only 23 years old I can barely make myself do it once a week... and that's just to satisfy my fiance. When we do have sex I never climax, and sometimes I have terrible cramping immediately afterwards. In fact, the cramps were so bad I have actually thrown up on TWO separate occasions. Additionally, I am so much more over emotional. Even if something makes me happy: my eyes well up with tears. I finally made an appointment and am having it out TOMORROW. I will definitely keep you posted with changes post-Mirena, since this seems to be a common problem! (I can't believe I didn't do research sooner). Hopefully we women can find some kind of relief!

August 31, 2011 - 2:08pm


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