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Do you or your neighbours have WIFI? If you have it, it might be worth turning it off at night to see if that might be contributing to the problem. Also, do you sleep near your mobile phone - if so turn it off or at least move it far away from your bed to see if that helps. I recently read that a huge percentage of mobile phone owners sleep with their phones on their pillows, even though mobile phone radiation is suspected of causing brain tumours! All this radiation we are exposed to these days is extremely unnatural and many believe it is causing us all manner of health problems, so I wonder if some of us are feeling the effects of radiation in our bones and tissues. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends using wired instead of wireless technology, especially around children.

You can buy anti stress bedding that stops EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from passing through your body at night. You can also buy shielding material for your windows if you happen to live close to a mobile phone tower and/or power lines - apparently 95% of outside radiation comes in through the windows. Some people even go so far as to line their walls and floors with aluminium foil to block radiation out of their bedrooms. Oak is also supposed to block radiation, so oak floors or cork under your bed might also help. But if you are going to block out radiation, don't forget to remove or switch off anything inside your bedroom that might be emitting radiation. Otherwise you'll be blocking it in.

I don't have WIFI or a mobile phone, and the nearest mobile phone tower is nearly a mile away, so I suspect my hip pain was being caused by EMFs just from the wiring in the walls of my bedroom. I now use some of the anti stress bedding and it definitely reduced the pain I was getting so that I rarely experience any now, and when I do, it is barely perceptible.

December 3, 2014 - 5:35am


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