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I am due for a hip replacement and the pain at night is severe. I was waking up after unintentionally lying on my back with my knees up but rotating out (like having legs spread when birthing but with my feet together). I woke up always in severe pain, whimpering and walking around until I could sleep again, I also had cramps. A few weeks ago I wondered how I could keep my knees together and so I made a figure 8 with a pair of panty hose just above my knees. My goodness what a differnece!!! Now I can sleep soundly all night, moving into any position and my knees never spreading apart too far! I tried the pillow between the knees, the lying on my back etc but I would always move positions and end up in the painful one. Now I am free to move about in the night with my figure 8 stocking stopping me from getting into any positions that hurt. Of course it's not too tight and I just slide it up to my hips if I need to get out of bed to the loo.

March 7, 2015 - 1:10am


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