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I had mysterious groin pain for a long time and then at night just like u I would wake up to the outside of my hip hurting. For me it was a liberal tear in my hip joint I needed surgery. However the outer part of the pain is something different. I don't know the technical name but any doctor will know if you tell them your i.t. band is over tight. It's a ligament that starts at the hip around the side of your butt then runs down the side all the way to your knee. Because of my tear that band was working to hard. U need to look up stretches for it they are easy to do and they feel really good when done right. At the start it might be painful but that's just showing how tight that band is. It feels a lot better after you stretch it for 3 days the pain will stop when stretching and it will start to feel good. Make sure u do both sides if u only do one the other will start to get tight on you as well. Hope this helps sleep well

March 27, 2015 - 12:03am


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