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Hi I'm almost 55 and 6 years ago I was teasted for my hypothyrodisim and the Doc check everything and I was fine in the sugar dept. Then I was put on abilify after lossing my granddaughter in a car accident I was on abilify for 1 year I moved to Fl. and found a great Doc and went to get a check up and was told my sugar was high we waited a few months and tested again and it was even higher. I had been check for sugar every time I was checked for hypothyrodisum and never had high sugar once. But after taking the abilify for aporx. 1 year my sugar was high and I was put on metformin at first the 2 other diabetes meds were added to the metformin. I was taken off the abilify and was left with diabetes. I can help thinking that if I was never put on abilify I would not have gotten diabetes. I am over weight from a back injury that I had 20 years ago and never tested high for sugar until after abilify and I'm the same weight I was 20 years ago so I feel there has to be a connection. Is there anyone eles that has had this happen to them after being put on abilify. If so please comment so I know I'm not alone,

September 8, 2010 - 10:33am


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