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Hi Carrie, have you discussed your concerns with your doctor or midwife? If so, what have they said? Were they able to provide any resources for you to try and handle it preemptively? In regard to medication, I do know from personal experience and from women who were in the PRC Support Group with me that depending on which medical professional you ask you may get a different answer about what medication is best to take following giving birth and depending on if you're breastfeeding, etc. The best thing, in my opinion is to have a doctor or midwife you trust, and work closely with them. I'll post the rest of the article tomorrow so you know what my case was--but as you know, everyone's different. Know yourself, and ask for help from where you can get it if you notice symptoms coming on. Good luck, and congrats on Baby #2!

May 7, 2009 - 7:41pm


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