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Hey Ladies, I also went through this 2 with my current BF. we have been together for 2.5 yrs. We love each other very much. So what I find is that us women beat ourselves up wayyyyyy to much and that we do over analyze this situation, as did I. But I want u all to no that my BF wasn't cheating wen he stopped wanting it. He was purely in a phunk, i dont understand it and i dont think we r supposed to. My BF sex-drive went from 100-0 like over a period of 3-4months. I jumped to every conclusion possible, but in my head I just knew that whatever situation came to my head, it couldnt be true. Ladies u no what i did to make him want it again!!!! I simply did what he was doing!!!! Thats right, I started acting not interested and stop paying attention 2 him! and the 1st time he wanted it again, I SHUT HIM DOWN( Which believe me was so hard) cause i had been so sex deprived!. But wen guys 1st meet u, its a challenge to get in our pants! and now we r throwin ourselves at them for sex or the min. he touches us we get up and get naked and jump his bones! there is no longer a challenge. So i guess basically give him a tase of his own medicine! cause ladies, do u remember times u turned him down cause u were "2 tired"? and it made him want u more the next couple days? So give as much time as he needs, trust me u learn to turn ur libido off and play his game cause it should work 2 ur benefit! has any other women tried this? if u have write about it! and lets help each other by giving possible solutions and not opinions!

June 13, 2012 - 6:25am


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