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I Know this post was done a few years ago but ive been searching everywhere for someone in my situation, i feel ugly fat and im 8 and a half stone at 18 i am tall blonde and without being big headed alot of people have told me im a good lucking girl iv had boys try to date me whilst with my boyfriend which obviously i didnt i am 100% faithful to my boyfriend, he is 21 and he doesnt work or evenn trys to, we have been together 2 years almost now and our sex life was great at the beggining although he lasted less that 2 minuites due to exitement as it got better he started watching t.v during sex i know it was to put himself off a bit so he didnt get so exited but it starts putting me off knowing he isnt interested in looking at me or pleasuring me, its not like hes just bothered about pleasuring himself because he isnt too bothered but the thing is we used to have sex like 1-3 times a day per week or even more and now i have to 'ASK' him for it and i get rejected he doesnt pay any attention to me at all and im feeling so depressed about it! i get bored easilly in relationships after the first year or so anyway but he just doesnt try at all in this relationship to make it work its all
i have been through alot in my life seems though i am only 18 my ex hit me on a regular daily basis and i thought with my new parter knowing what i went through he would treat me like a princess instead he knows i can be walked all over and that is what he is doing now.
i dont want to lose him he is a nice guy and does love me he doesnt even see friends because he thinks it will hurt me im so depressed and we have just broke up but it wont be for lonng
i want a baby i know your going to think what are you thinnking but the time is now im broody all my friends have them and iv always wanted one i am great with kids and i wouldnt use it as a weapon nor a doll i want a baby to give it the life i never got to have or never will,
please help i cant stop crying!!!!!!!


September 11, 2012 - 3:21pm


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