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I am getting married next year. This is the situation hi is 14 years older than me. He has a great career wile I am still in school doing my bachelor. My parents are paying for the wedding super expensive. He is only paying for the photos and honeymoon. I look for a photographer I found 10 that I like he told me to pick 3 of then I did but he has not talk to one yet also He gives me a big ring which he has not fixed yet. I am asking him when he is going to do it and he says that he will do it son. I am stress out because I see how my mom and I are the ones doing all. My second problem is that I told him that my car lease will expire next year and hi told me that I will get another one with my mom credit. I told him NO I am not going to use my mom credit we will married him so he is responsible for me. I told him that I do not want an expensive card while is thinking in getting a porches which is very expensive. My third problem is that we haven’t had sex in a month. There is nothing wrong with me I am slim and pretty and clean. I am so depress I cannot talk to anyone because is embarrassing. Does anyone have answers?

October 22, 2012 - 3:09pm


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