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Help me Please, December 16, 2009
I have the same problem my boyfriend and I used to have very passionate sex, and now he doesn't want
to. I was in a loveless marriage for 20 years!, He was verbally abusive to me , calling me nasty names. I tried to be honest, loving and caring, as well as faithful. I never cheated on my husband. But he did on me. I decided ENOUGH!! I deserve better! when he left me I lost 63 pounds! And all of a sudden, I started getting noticed by lots of guys. Saying I was hot! I didn't believe it till one day my pants fell right off my waist! No one saw, lol . But I started putting on my teenage daughters clothes, cause I had none that fit, and poof! Just like that I was able to have a lot of men interested. I am very picky, but I decided if a guy is good to me , I would give him everything I could. I rooted through the "weeds" if ya know what I mean. And found the sweetest guy ever!, Hot too! Oh and btw did I mention after I lost all that weight I now look like a 26 year old!! So I attract younger , hotter men!, I am 42yr, my boyfriend is 34years old!. And I look younger than him!
WE had sex all the time!, My ex husband n I stopped having sex for 10 years!!! So I was loving all this from my boyfriend. He asked me to move in, And we had more sex, then he hurt himself , a herniated disc in the neck, and all sex STOPPED for 2 months! I understood, I had the same happen to me . He had an epidural injection(minor surgery if that ) and is almost a 100 Percent back to himself. He started again with a little sex/w /me, then stopped after a visit at my parents house. He has out rightly REJECTED my advances, even after getting dressed up all sexy! I am CRUSHED! I don't know what to do.
He never goes anywhere w/out me so I know he is not cheating. And he is a sweetheart to me . I never cried so hard when he outright rejected me ! It hurt so much! He said that he just doesn't want to have sex anymore! And so he sits in front of the computer ...if you know what I mean! I asked him to Stop, please, that it is hurting our sex life, so he agreed to stop and has, but still has no desire to have sex with me. Says he feels like a failure in life, and has no desire to have sex, unless he wants to. But I am very easily excited ...a lot! This makes this whole situation very hard for me . He had a girlfriend before in the past that he stopped having sex with for 2 years till she finally dumped him . I don't want this to happen to us .I love him, and am patient, but I will not wait forever. He doesn't even want me to hint about it , that it turns him off, and he'll have sex w/me when he wants too. Help!!! I think I need to leave, this is hurting me deeply, I really care for him and ( I said to him) that I feel like his roommate now. He says NO and that he loves me very much, ??????? I don't get it, I will be patient , but I am watching for "body language, and "signals' I will not wait forever. And damn it I want someone that Wants to have sex a little more often then once or twice every couple of weeks, after being denied for 10 years! "I ain't gettin any younger!”

December 15, 2009 - 10:28pm


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