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Anonymous (reply to Diane Porter)

He is 23 and I am 21. I did not think that at this age either of us would stop wanting to be intimate. my boyfriend and I use to be extremely active and yeah it slowed down. But now he barely even has time to hang out with me. He says now that he hangs out with the women he works with( they are much older or married.) and now he knows how women think and thats why he dose not want to have sex or even oral. Before he got this job he would jump at the moment or thought of me giving him oral or us being active.
We have been together almost 5 years. He laughs when I ask him what happened because before he said" any man who dose not think about that or want that are not men or are crazy ." He also plays the sleep card to. What the heck is going on. Why dose He do almost everything to avoid me. He dose not kiss me or hug me. only when i ask him to. When we do hang out it's when we go to stores together. I don't even feel like he likes me like that any more. I want to know what happened. How is it possible for him to even think about passing on a bj.? And why dose he not want to be intimate with me? And why dose he laugh when I ask him why dose he not want a bj? I would not pass those things up and i am a woman. please help me!

January 12, 2010 - 2:05pm


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