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drinking only numbs the pain for a little while so you can pretend to forget the main issues. try to stop drinking before alcohol is added to the list also. from reading all the comments you can see you are not alone, many women including myself are going through the same thing atm. believe me my self esteem has completely gone and its because of everyone else's reasons..........men! you don't need to give up and whatever anyone says to you....whatever you do....it's your decision. i do think you need to be honest with yourself first and then speak to the man you obviously love. it's hard and i have yet to confront my man because when i do he turns things straight back on me and my 'Jealousy'(which btw has occurred because of his actions) and i don't seem to get anywhere. but all you can do is try and if it's meant to be things will improve. don't know what else to say as i am struggling also but hopefully all of us will be ok!!

March 13, 2010 - 12:15pm


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