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(reply to kayleighxxxx)

My boyfriend is the same way! Last night i tried to talked to him about us not having sex now for about 7 months. I told him how i was feeling (sad,hurt & unwanted) & he turned it all right back on me. He said, " i cant even touch your boobs without you wanting to have sex". Well duuuhhhh fucker! Maybe if we had sex a lil more offten i wouldnt get so horny & want to jump your bones everytime you touch me! I know he's stressed about work (he's a tow truck driver) & works alot but damn, what's a few minutes of his time every week or every couple of weeks to make me happy.I just dont get it...im not ugly & i do so much for him to help him out in life.He always thanks me & tells me he apprieciates me & the things I do for him & that im a good women. I know he's not cheating on me(he calls me all the time durring the day when he's at work & were together everynight).i have given him BJ's in the past 7 months that we havent had sex. He does seem to want to sleep alot & he started taking vitamins recently.Im just really confused by all this...ive never had a situation like this in any of my past relationships.

March 19, 2010 - 1:20pm


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