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Anonymous (reply to Diane Porter)

I have the same problem.. The only difference is in our relationship we never started out having sex all the time, maybe three or four times a month (give or take). I thought it was because we hardly got to see eachother but we live together now and still no difference. I've asked him about it and he says that he just doesnt think it is the most important thing in a relationship he would rather "hold me in his arms and talk and just be together." But I dont know how much longer I can take this.. If we hardly have sex now, will it be worse later on? I dont want to cheat but what do you do when you dont feel like your relationship has any passion, and you dont feel like he wants you the way you want to be wanted? Everything in our relationship is great except this. But I cant have a boring sex life for the rest of my life!

May 14, 2010 - 10:21pm


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