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i like this site, everyone is pissed off about it!!! Well, I am also. What 29 yo male doesnt want to (edited for language) at least twice a week, and i dont want to hear stress. thats some (edited for language) stress makes me want to (edited for language). ive been with mine for almost 10 months, the first few were ok, now i have to beg for it, and finally stopped that, just take care of myself. i cant keep this up, but i dont think i could cheat for sex, i would feel too guilty. and i do love him, but damn, i do everything and he don't even go down, if you know what im sayin. im 5 ft 5, 108, very pretty and a very nice body and well kept. i just dont get it. wtf is the problem????

May 21, 2010 - 11:10pm


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