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(reply to Kassidy32)

omg. your story is just like mine. I am 19 i weigh 114 pounds and i think i am really pretty so i dont see what the problem could be.me and my fiance have been together 4 years now and we just had a babyboy and he is almost 4 months. I did not get any stretchmarks or weight gain from my pregnancy. I look the same as i did before i got pregnant. me and my fiance have not had sex for over a year now. he wont let me touch him what so ever! even if i just try to kiss him on the cheek or give him a hug he pushes me away and tells me to leave him alone. I ask why we dont have any intimacy and he says "i dont know." but he wont tell me why. I know he is not cheating on me we are together all the time. i asked him if he is bored with me and he says "no it's not that." i am going insane. I dont want to say im a sexaholic but i would like some dick every once and a while or even just a 15 minute makeout session, SOMETHING but no, still i get nothing. I love him with all my heart and i am so scared that i am losing him. I cant leave him for the sake of our son and i dont think i could ever leave him again because he means more than the world to me. everybody keeps telling me to leave him. even his own mother. but i refuse to leave him ,that is not an option. so i dont know what the fuck im gonna do but something better change because my feelings are crushed and i am slowly developing depression again and i have not been this depressed since i was 9 years old when my dad divorced my mom.

October 14, 2010 - 8:06pm


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