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i have been with my bf for 7 yrs but in the past 3 he has had NO & i mean NO SEXUAL DESIRE. ive been as sensitive as a woman can be asking him if it was me is he not in love anymore did he lose attraction for me is he messing around or liking someone else & even asked if he turned gay. all answers where no. so i asked why he doesnt even want to even touch me anymore. he always told me how hot i was or would attack me when gettin out of shower. now i cant get him to even look at me in the eyes. his excuses where he was tired all the time so i made sure we started goin 2 bed earlier. then it was cause our at the time this started was 3 yrs old she slept with us so i got her to start sleepin in her own bed. boom takin care of. then it was our kids also seem 2 pound on door & interupt that ruined the mood. so i took care of that. then he was working to many hours at work & at sometime he was but the over time ended so that was takin care of. then last but not least he finally said i just have no sexual desire mind you he was 37 he will be 40 in july. so i told him to go see dr maybe she could put him on viagra. he said i can do that but the pill isnt gonna give me a sex drive just make him hard. after 3 yrs of this im depressed in tears & falling apart. 6 months ago he finally went to dr. she took blood found nothing wrong put him on viagra. then set an appointment up for him with a urinologist. he went & they did lots of tests again nothing wrong. so he set him appt. with cardiologist think clots slowing flow of blood. again lots of tests & nothing wrong. his insurance doesnt cover viagra so he gets 1 to 2 pills at a time. but other problem he doesnt even care to go buy them cause he has no desire so i buy them. ive tried to change things in bed. he said maybe he needed something different in bed to trun him on & he said it wasnt another chic. so i mentioned roll playing, strip tease, you name it i mentioned it. he wanted 2 watch me play by myself with a toy. so i did that turned him on. watchin a porn turns him on. other than that nothing i do or say turns him on. example-i will text him from the bathroom as im in shower askin him to come in with me im all soapy wet & ready to give him anything he wants. his reply im in bed. ive told hiom im gettin ready to come in bed room with nothing but a towel why dont you throw me down & have your way with me. when i walk in he rolls over or he will act like he never even read it. ive sent nude pics tellin him somethings & yes ive left out alot of nasty things ive said, telling him to *** me ****fuck me **** me s**t do anything to me. but never do i ever get touch unless i start it. so i know how all the women feel. i lay in bed at night & cry myself to sleep. & he can hear me but he dont care. ive told him if hes not in love anymore it would hurt but id get over it in time. im a big girl & theres other fish in the sea. damn let me go. ive tried to be understanding but all them drs. & nothings wrong then it has to be in the head. i just dont do it for him anymore. im old news cant cut it. recently he came to me telling me he wants to see some other guy down on me. i cant do that im in love with him. who in there right mind would want to share there woman. cause i know if i saw some b***h in bed suckin on my man id be in prison. i dont share man. i have no walls up as u say & yes we all have problems but when one has obviously some things in there head like that wow im lost its like im not enough for him. i understand hes having problems & im doin my best to help but while im helping im also slipping in deep depression. im 37 not old but not a spring chicken. but i still got it but the older us women get & having your man want not a thing to do with you. well it tends to lower our self esteem our pride we have feelongs to & we have a heart & they are starting to break. when some men dont even want our help cause as he would say its embrassing. welll having your man ignore you when your making sexual moves or just flat out turn you down thats not only embarassing its so many painful words i cant name them all. so now men HELPME cause some of us cant take it anymore.

January 20, 2011 - 12:39pm


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