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Hello 18 yr old, you certainly act like one! your boy (not man) will dump you, you bf will go for someone else, someone is always coming along - and hey I can assure you there will always be someone better looking than you, or haven't you thought of that? its funny how you think your better looking, that is a very trashy comment, probably like yourself - trashy. karma is just around the corner for someone like you that likes to flap their trap about themselves trying to make someone else feel bad about themself! and guess what? your going to be 28, 40, 50 before you know it.....and I hope your aging is kind to you!! hahaha i am glad you mention that he loves you, because there wouldn't be many that would with a low attitude like this. not many would find you an attractive person on the inside, grow up & stop discracing women like you have. geez i hope your bf can keep buying you things, material things - this seems to be what makes you happy - your happy splashing how your relationship is no matter who it may be hurting - maybe you will have that done to you one day....who knows. Good luck with your 'fantastic' loving relationship! You have a lot to learn girlie!!!

August 9, 2011 - 8:31pm


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