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You have just described what my life is like (14 years of CFS/Fibro/MCS)! My energy may be a TAD higher than what you describe, but other than that... I could completely relate. And there is NOone I know personally, like me.

My day is slow, my schedule is very late... (i live alone, which is very tough)... and I like to stop by the local coffeehouse mid to late afternoon when I can, just to be around people! Yes, and I am so much more grateful for every interaction everywhere I go.

Wow, I'm really bad with the bank, too. (Or any transaction, really). I have been known to walk away before my change has been given. Or even more often... be standing there, when a transaction is finished... not really knowing what is happening (I'm thinking, "what just happened? are we done?" and then I quickly apologize and mentione how tired I happened to be 'that day' (if they only knew)! )... I describe it to others as feeling a bit drunk.

I notice I also have a hard time at social gatherings or events, literally spacing out about when to go home or what to do next (if it's day time... can I also handle an errand? See a friend?... I just can't seem to process it all. if I can't figure it out, it usually means I'm in a flare... and this is often!)

Thanks so much for writing this; it means alot.

I need to sign up here!


July 4, 2009 - 11:57pm


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