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I personally, would not tolerate pornography in my relationship. I find it to be highly negative, dissruptive and hurtful. I just read this great blog on porn which really illustrates how I feel;

It emasculates men, making them often unable to have sex with their wives or girlfriends, it creates jealousies and tension. It is deeply degrading to all involved.
There is no escape from it with the internet..it has often been called "the crack cocaine of the internet" as it is so addictive and has been shown to make men less attracted to their wives or girlfriends.
What is so funny, also, is that men and women alike tend to defend it! Ha ha ha!!!
if I say, " I don't eat meat as I hate it", people don't have much of a comment to make but, god forbid I say " I hate porn", people come out of the woodwork to defend it! And many of these are women! It has been said by anti pornography feminists that "women's enjoyment of pornography is a function of false consciousness, and never authentic female sexuality" and I tend to agree. Talk about a degradation! I have read the book, "getting off" by Robert Jensen, which is great. It illustrates how brainwashed people are about pornography and it's effects.It's so interesting how people confuse it with first ammendment rights because of the "charming" Larry Flynt.
I am not in the least bit religious and it is also annoying how people think you must be holy to dislike porn! I just see it as something which is very negatively affecting our society; making women feel bad about themselves, making men feel like they can have sex with thousands of women in cyberspace and generally making us all confused and tossing feminism out the window. Feminism is supposedly a "dirty" word now! Most women would rather defend porn than themselves as human beings! Again, I laugh, sadly....
I have a fabulous relationship with an amazing man and we have great sex, often(sometimes three times a day after almost 5 years) and it is just getting better...and we have no porn in our lives.
Each to his own, indeed, but it might be a good idea to stop and ask the men in our lives to look to us rather than sad, sex ghosts on the net....Robert Jensen advises women not to be complacent about this issue, but to stop accepting the fact that many of the men in our life like porn better than us.

October 8, 2009 - 7:26pm


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