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I just had my second bladder lift surgery in 4 years and at my 3-week appointment the doctor said everything looked great. The next day I was constipated and did far too much pushing (according to after-surgery Dos and Don'ts) plus my husband just got a new motorcycle and I've been on that 3 times since my first post-surgery checkup. The first two times resulted in no pain or discomfort whatsoever, but last night's ride caused me to have severe urination pain when I got home and just an all around feeling that something isn't right. I never asked my doctor how tight they actually "tie" the silicone mesh and the post-surgery Dos and Don'ts doesn't say much of anything about after the 3 week recovery period. I made an appointment for Monday, but am going crazy wondering if I've blown the whole thing and will have to pay for another whole surgery, since I was stupid enough to not lay back in a recliner and take short walks for the entire 4-6 week recovery period. Can anyone ease my worry over this 4th of July weekend? How easy is it for the mesh to break free and my bladder to fall again? Would one bout of constipation and 3 motorcycle rides (hitting a half dozen or so hard bumps) be enough to pull my bladder away again? Thanks. Debbie, Topeka, KS

July 2, 2009 - 12:46pm


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