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Sweety, thats awesome!! Ive suffered from yeast infection and UTIS constantly since I was 22 and Im 31 now! Its awful. It really did take away a huge chunk of my sex life, as I was always having an "issue" down there, whether it be a yeast infection, (mild to severe) BV, or a UTI. I dont know WHY I get them so often, Ive been to several doctors, and had STD panels done. Anywhoo...I use coconut and olive oil for lubrication, and moisterization, and it works great! Also, I put a couple of drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil(both) on my fingers tips and insert into vag, everytime after I have sex. Also, when Im yeasting, I do the tea tree oil, lavender application up to 3 times a day. Pretty gross, and annoying, but it works, it will cure a yeast infection. Also, Myrrh oil is great, but strong and it burns, very uncomfortable, must dilute with a carrier oil. I also take $30 brand of flora/probiotics in capsule form, and that has nicked my UTI's, and prevented them. (thank God) it was pretty hideous getting a UTI, and running to the ER, everytime I have sex. Get your greens, change your diet! For vaginal buring, irritation and pain. Vagisil does not work, infact it is even MORE infuriating. Apple cidar vinegar!! Soak a wash cloth and place overnite on the affected area. It stinks but it works. Place a towel under your bottom to prevent getting on sheets. Also, during the day, if your on the go, soak a couple cotton balls in ACV, dab the vaginal tissues. Will take the pain, itching, and irritation away like a miracle!!

August 26, 2011 - 8:12am


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