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Hi Fran,

These symptoms indicate that your husband should see his general practitioner/doctor to get a thorough "check up".

Without knowing any additional information about your husband beyond his age (information including his height/weight--it sounds like he is overweight?--, physical activity level, stress, blood pressure, lifestyle factors--does he smoke, use of alcohol excessively?--, family history of disease, current medications, current health condition, and others), it is impossible to provide much more information, as the symptoms you describe can have many causes.

The symptoms you described:
- weak
- sluggish
- fatigue/tired
- sweating, even in winter
- does not feel good
- no motivation to do anything

The doctor will probably want to know how often/frequent these symptoms occur, how long they have been occurring (days, weeks, months), and if there has been any precipitating factors (excess stress, for example).

These symptoms, when occurring on a frequent and consistent basis, can be caused by a wide range of reasons: virus/infection, allergies, depression, coronary heart condition, sleep disturbance, low blood sugar, etc.

Please have your husband make an appointment to see his doctor, and let us know how he is doing!

May 24, 2009 - 12:48pm


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