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I had shingles in 2000 which brought on a downward progression of my general health, ending in a "diagnosis" of chronic fatigue in 2002. (Since chronic fatigue is an elimination illness, I went through testing for diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, lupus, MS, and others as I had symptoms of all these illnesses but all tests came back "normal". Thus I was lumped into "chronic fatigue" because doctors couldn't quite figure out where else to put me!) I have been able to maintain by structuring my activities and not over-committing my time and energy levels, as well as have been on OTC and Rx sleep meds for the past eight years.

Last week, I took my 80-year old mother to have the shingles vaccine. I personally did not want her to have it, as now my own body has severe reactions to vaccine, but her body is not as compromised as mine, so I relented. I remember reading that someone who has an auto-immune deficiency should not be exposed to a person receiving the vaccine, but didn't consider it serious. For the last four days, I have developed what I thought were allergy symptoms, but now I have pain radiating throughout my legs and lower back. Could this be from exposure to a person receiving the shingles vaccine? Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks.

April 14, 2010 - 8:02pm


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