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Hi, Angie,

If you are 44 and are experiencing some changes in your periods, weight and mood swings, you are certainly in perimenopause, and it certainly is affecting your hormones. I am wondering whether your GP is totally up to date on all the ways our fluctuating hormone levels can affect us? Do you have a gynecologist? If not, I would completely recommend that you get one, because this is their specialty and they are there to help us stay healthy throughout our lives, not just when we are pregnant or having a baby. And if you do have an ob/gyn, make an appointment with her or him and ask to have your hormone levels tested again. Tell her or him all your symptoms and talk about your progress with the low GI diet (I'm very interested in this!). You shouldn't have to feel your way through this on your own.

Please write back and update us. We're very interested =)

October 26, 2009 - 8:53am


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