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Thanks Diane,

I actually had a blood test which confirmed (apparently) no perimenopausal status at the time (about 6-12months ago) - it disappeared for a while, but now returned.

Does one have to pay privately to access an ob/gyn, or could this be accessed via my GP? Most people just say its normal and to get on with life, although I worry about future mood swings as I'm prone to PMT and depression and it can affect my marriage.

I definitely notice a difference (emotionally wise) that if I eat low fat/low GI I feel far more able to cope with life, but I do get cravings for sugar and chocolate etc. Exercise too, is another factor in making me feel better - half the battle is motivation to get the old trainers on some days! :-)

thanks so much for your advice.

A x

October 27, 2009 - 4:02am


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