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From your comments I gather you are in the UK and the comments about insurance probably aren't terribly helpful. See if you can locate another GP that will be more useful in helping you understand your symptoms. Your blood tests aren't necessarily the definitive answer to whether or not you are in perimenopause as the process is one of 'fits and starts' where it's common to have symptoms some months and not others. Unfortunately it isn't a matter of our hormones just gracefully declining for most women but a little storm of ups and downs and readjustments that can make us feel miserable mentally and physically.

Keep up with the good self care through low GI and exercise and try to research the process of perimenopause on your own rather than relying on the GP to give good info, especially if the GP isn't someone who's experienced it. You certainly deserve an empathetic doctor for support through this transition.

Best of luck!

December 16, 2009 - 4:30am


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