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Anyone who thought this article was thought-provoking should definitly look into "Lip Service" by Kate Fillion. Warning; this book will make you think! About almost every aspect of the myth of 'True Femininity' from our relationships with other women both personal and prefessional, to owning up to the fact that every woman owns her own sexuality (and that there is an enormous difference between 'unwanted' and 'unavoidable' sex and NOBODY seems to care about it!! This is a pet hatred of mine) to being responsible when her own machinations go awry (That is NOT repeat NOT an argument of the "Oh she deserved it" variety, machinations occur outside the arena of sexuality you know!). This is not a book to read if you cherish the semi-divine idea of femininity, if however like me you're sick to the back teeth of trying to reach the impossible standards of other people (insert; 'other women' here) and just want to enjoy your short time while you're here, then this is the book for you.
just prepare to the chargrined at the embarrassing memories....

March 18, 2010 - 10:56am


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