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This is a horrible attempt to justify being a slut with feminism. I'm sad that people agree and support this. -_- A slut is NOT a woman who can enjoy sex without being in love, that's not negative at all, and rarely do I ever see that looked down upon. The only time women like that are called sluts is in high school. In fact, me and my current boyfriend started out acquaintances with a relationship no further than sex a couple times a week. No, a true slut is a woman who wears near-illegal next to nothing clothes based on promiscuity who are willing to have sex with married or taken men or multiple partners within a short period of time. I think the poster and supporters of this article know next to nothing about sexual health and the modern definition of a slut. Its important to be sexually healthy, now I'm not saying everyone needs to be in a long term relationship to have sex. Nonono. Even relationships based purely on sex have the potential to be healthy. Its -sluts- who sleep without knowing the others past sex life. Not just once either, but with multiple partners. (Whether in the same time frame or not.) I'm sure every right minded individual can see this is a bad idea.
This article would be okay if you were speaking up for women being called sluts that ARE NOT sluts, or women sleeping out of long term relationships or wedlock or any such thing. But to simply stick up for sleeping around...
And you compare it with a male. "Men do this, so we can too." Do we praise men for such things? "Oh you slept with me and then with my best friend. Its NATURAL. Its OK." Does this happen? Using that attitude is bad for any scenario. "They got away with dealing drugs, so I can too!"
Also! For someone who is against generalizations and labeling a group (Sluts in your case, which for some reason you think is any sexually open woman.) you are very hypocritical. Despite what anti-man thoughts and ethics you have, not all men sleep around. In fact, many men find the idea gross. Sleeping with a sexually clean and healthy woman is far more intriguing to them then sleeping with several different promiscuous ladies whose sexual health is questionable.
This is how AIDS became such a big deal; promiscuity.
I wish people would think about such things before being for a cause.

~Michelle, 18, TX

May 25, 2010 - 6:06pm


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