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The way to embrace your sexuality is to indulge it, with the caveat to take safety precautions. I certainly indulged mine from a very young age until I was 48, and then I basically lost interest in sex and have never regained it and don't miss it. Maybe enough was enough.

Of course, I think it was easier in those days, except when I was very young; the political climate then was much like now and people did talk trash about me, although I've never cared what people said about me. Later in the '60s that disapproval ended, especially here in San Francisco.

Other people's opinions, whether women's or men's, never stopped me. By the time I was an adult, no one dared say anything to me, and if they said anything behind my back it didn't affect me. I encourage other women to be the same.

June 26, 2010 - 12:54am


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