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Chronic dry eyes are very common among women 45 years of age and older, due to the hormonal changes that occur causing internal dryness, or as referred to in Chinese medicine, a "deficiency in essential fluids".

The kidneys (meridians) in Chinese medicine are responsible for overall water metabolism in the body (along with other essential functions as growth, reproduction, fertility, sexual desire, bone and brain health.

The symptoms of Kidney yin (fluids) deficiency can include dry eyes, dry hair, dry skin, dizziness, poor memory, dry mouth at night, achy bones, constipation, night sweats and/or excessive thirst.

The treatment strategy in Chinese medicine is to "tonify" the kidney yin and help balance the hormones through acupuncture and herbs.

Other helpful products/nutrients include homeopathic eyedrops for dry eyes, MSM eyedrops, omega-3 fatty acids. omega-6 fatty acids in the form of black current or borage oil.

For more related information on nutrition and dry eyes, go to Natural Eye Care for Dry Eyes

June 2, 2009 - 4:40pm


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