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I haven't posted to this board in a while, mainly due to the ugliness and close-mindedness of the comments made towards Joanna Popink. Her article fits me, personally, to a T. I'm 47 years old, at age 44 developed full-blown, out-of-control bulimia. I should have died during that time. I'm what's referred to as a "restrictive bulimic", can starve myself for days, eat and immediately purge whatever I've eaten.

Thankfully, with the knowledge I've gained from many many sources (including Joanna), I've managed to regain my control and am now in remission. This disease is no different than any other "addiction". I've been under the care of my doctor, long-time therapist (5+ years now) and a nutritionist who specifically treats eating disorders. My counselor and my nutritionist are recovering anorexics.

Thank you, Joanna, for your article!!! :)

Warmest regards to all,

September 6, 2010 - 1:30pm


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