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Eating disorders are NOT addictions ... the recent research/evidence supports that they are BRAIN disorders.
The notion that 'dysfunctional families or parents' cause people to develop eating disorders is nonsense and frankly, 'old school'.
If you had a dysfunctional family or poor parenting, the %'s are the same as with non-eating disorder sufferers.

I am glad that your eating disorder is in remission and I hope today that you have a good relationship with yourself, your body and your family.

I came across this short but powerful video featuring Dr. Craig Johnson of Laureate.

He speaks on the high recovery rate of people with anorexia (70-80%)
and tells us that in treating very difficult patients, "our best years are ahead of us".

He tells us that the answers for successfully treating very difficult patients and being able to shorten their recovery time will likely come not from psychotherapeutic research but from bio-genetic research, as anorexia is a disorder of the brain and genetics

Worth your three minutes:

September 6, 2010 - 2:10pm


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