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Thank you for posting this article about the new research, Anne57.

I just returned from the NEDA Conference in NY, and this exciting research was the talk of the place ... as was the other latest research that completely refutes old-fashioned and harmful notions about 'boundaries' and the like held by old-school therapists like Johanna. Most of the sessions/workshop presenters at NEDA were very 21st century with today's knowledge of causation and appropriate treatments. I did sit in on one where the therapist showed us photos of babies and told us that anorexia and other eating disorders begin in infancy - with poor bonding with mothers.

It's pathetic, really - and quite harmful.

I spent time in treatment facilities where therapists tried to tell me that my parents were responsible/to blame for my getting anorexia.
It did me no good but a great deal of harm.

The good news is that parents AND sufferers are getting a lot of good information today which help them understand the need to stay away from people like Johanna and to go to treatment providers who really 'get it' for help.

Hopefully, we can put a stop to the blaming of parents and other family members for causing eating disorders. This is false.

I love you mom and dad!

October 15, 2010 - 6:13pm


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