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I am in a home right now that I bought. Since the divorce and me moving on my ex husband has threatened me several times that he was going to take all the money I have by sueing me over and over, that he would get custody of my children, and that he would keep making me pay for what I owe him. In his mind he thinks things that are not right. Even with clear evidence etc. he doesnt see things the way everyone else see it.. I moved on after being divorced a year. That's when he started stalking, harrassing, sueing me... I know its because I started dating a man that is very wonderful and my kids liked him. After that the second set of bad stuff started happening. He has gone through with his threats sueing me, getting my daugher, not my son though. He is a manipulater like you would not believe. I asked the courts several times to make him stop sueing me and to leave me alone but the courts don't care. I just gave up after my daughter, but I just cant do nothing anymore. My daughter has turned into a monster. I don't even know her anymore. The few times I talk to her she is angry, mean, and hates me because of the way her father has turned her against me. My heart breaks knowing she is hurting so bad and I'm doing nothing.. I cant do anything to get her or help her... She doesnt need to be with him. The legal fees of lawsuit after lawsuit have added up.... I am at a point that I haven't done anything to fight back because of the legal amount of money I have already had to go through. I cant keep paying to defend myself so I have agreed to whatever his attorney has bullied me into signing. I have signed over a company we had together that was started with my money etc. We had it for 18 years and made great money. I gave up so much to him so he would just leave me alone.. but he didn't. He wins over and over... thats why I'm afraid to do anything about the rape. I'm afraid I would end up regretting it.

June 8, 2009 - 10:50am


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