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Hi, Mikhaela. Thanks for your questions!

That clear "yuck" stuff is part of your cycle. It's called cervical mucus. Sometimes it will be cloudy-looking, other times it will look clear and somewhat stretchy, like egg whites. Is that what you're seeing?

There's nothing wrong. The cervical mucus changes based on when you ovulate. At the beginning of your monthly cycle, there is little or none. As you get closer to ovulation, it's cloudy and sort of sticky. When you're ovulating, it turns clear and stretchy. After you ovulate, it gets drier again, and sticky. That's all between periods, ok?

Tell me if that makes any sense to you, 'cause if it doesn't I'm glad to give you more details. It's very cool that you came here to ask these questions and I want to help you understand what's going on.

I agree with RLyons and Miscortes, it's not at all abnormal for your period to be very irregular during your first couple of years of having it. But the fact that you're having the clear, stretchy mucus makes me guess that you might start your period again in another couple of weeks.

June 11, 2009 - 8:43am


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