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Hi. I was on the net trying to find a site that will give me some insight when i stumbled upon this site....Im a 24year old, in Dental School and i was diagnosed with L4-L5 disc herniation with some nerve damage along with lumber scoliosis 11 years ago after a car accident. I was initially in a lot of pain, which lasted for about a year (constant throbbing pain, radiating down to my left leg). I was instructed for physiotherapy, which helped to a certain extent and after about a couple months my pain had subsided. However, now i am in 3rd year of Dental School and due to the posture we must be at while examining patients and the constant large work loads, my pain had returned and i was admitted many times into the hospital and instructed bed rest for as long as i could. This was the only treatment option i was given but the only problem is the pain is still there and has been progressing for the past 9months...not only has my excruciating back pain worsened, it has held me back from my regular activities including school.

My question is what can i do?? Ever since this episode of pain has started, i have been depressed over what sort of limitations i have had and will continue to suffer from.

June 12, 2010 - 2:57am


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