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Cheryl, I want to say thank you for updating us with such interesting information. I have followed your journey since you first wrote. I'm so glad that you are on the way to solving your thyroid problems and getting some lasting, multi-faceted management of your symptoms.

You're already doing two of the most important things to help lower your cholesterol -- you're exercising at an increasing pace, and you're watching your intake of animal fats. So pat yourself on the back for those changes!!

Here's the Mayo Clinic's list of the top five foods to lower your cholesterol:


And here's a link to the American Heart Association's Checklists for Lowering Your Cholesterol (they have four lists: eating, taking medication, being more physically active and making lifestyle changes):


And here's a link to a CNN/Health article that reports on supplements that do or don't help lower your cholesterol:


I hope these links help. Am very much looking forward to your next update!

September 15, 2009 - 9:55am


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