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Thank you very much for the resources regarding cholesterol. I think that this has convinced me to find another GP. My GP saw my thyroid numbers not getting better. She heard me complain about my symptoms. She saw me gaining weight quickly. Rather than referring me to a specialist, i.e. an endocrinologist, she suggested sort of the medical equivalent of throwing paint to the wall and seeing what sticks. She did this when she suggested that I manage my irregular menses, or try to, before my hypothyroidism resolved. As I noted previously, had I followed her advice, I may have well masked continued symptoms of hypothyroidism. After all, it is important for me to be able to give Dr. Friedman accurate information about whether my achieving better thyroid panel numbers is being accompanied by a reduction of symptoms such as irregular menses. I could not do that following the GP's advice. Now I find that over the course of receiving improper care, I developed a cholesterol issue. My GP, had she acted appropriately, could have helped me nip this in the bud by helping me to get proper treatment for hypothyroidism. She did not. The bottom line, ladies? Get thee to a specialist! Hypothyroidism can be linked to heart disease. I am just lucky that in my case I am catching things that can be corrected.

September 15, 2009 - 1:13pm


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